The unique story of the PS3 Ultimate Personal Survival System

Are you aware that others make decisions on the number of crew/passengers that will have a place in a lifeboat in the unlikely event of an accident ? Did you know that in costal water trips up to 200 SeaMiles the required minimum capacity in the lifeboats is ONLY for 60% (!) of the passengers? Do you know how far from safety 200 SeaMiles (370 KM) is? Did you know that with more than 15% tilt of the vessel the launch of a lifeboat becomes impossible? Did you know that on average over 30% of people on a ship end up in the (cold) water without lifeboat or raft  when a ship sinks? This means a maximum survival time of less than an hour (depending on fitness/age/health) in water below 20 degrees C.

We (Sea Rescue Gear) could not accept this. As seasoned experts in Maritime Safety we wanted to change the odds. In 2012 we decided that we would develop a game-changer for Maritime Survival. We adopted the concept of a single-person life raft from the well documented best practice of saving lives of Airforce Pilots. We designed a lightweight, durable, comfortable-to-wear maritime version, which we combined with a life-vest.  Because all aboard a vessel are obliged to wear one in emergency situations,  we immediately recognized the advantage of integrating both (vest and personal raft) into one lightweight, reliable, survival system. Last but not least, we offer the option to have your own ‘personal, satellite activated, locator beacon’ to report your misfortune and actual position 24/7 through ‘Sea Link’ cutting edge technology. So we keep you alive, when you are so unlucky to be one of the 30%, warm and sheltered in your enclosed personal raft, while you can be assured that they are looking for you, in the right spot....We call it the PS3, it is designed to give you control over your own survival chances. Make sure you keep control over your own safety and have your alternative personal lifeboat, we named it : PS3.

Meet the Team:

Richard Pender,
Founder &

Lifetime experience in Seismic Surveys,
Offshore Oil & Gas and Maritime Business Development.

Jack stone,
Founder & Operational Director

35 years experience in Aerospace engineering and navigation/guidance systems. During his RAF flying career he ejected from his F-4 fighter plane in mid-winter into the North Sea and survived freezing conditions in a single-seat dingy. The idea for PS3 was born.

johan stam,
Founder & Commercial Director

45 years hands-on experience and knowledge in the Offshore
Energy sector. Member of many influental Committee’s, Foundations and Peer-groups in the International Maritime industry.

peter carpay
Founder & Managing Director

30 years high-end experience in Maritime and Industrial Safety, Actively involved in multiple Safety Training Projects, worldwide.


The most important reason is that you want better odds in an emergency situation.

Don’t be fooled, even evacuation of people from stranded vessels within 10 KM from the cost is a logistical nightmare.
100% evacuation in lifeboats is impossible and in coastal trips (up to 370 KM) the capacity is not available due to cost-saving and questionable regulations. Be prepared and take care of your loved ones and yourself. Travel/work/sail with your PS3 within reach. Learn from the Titanic, The Estonia, The Costa Concordia and countless other small and bigger Maritime fatal accidents. The sea is beautiful, but also deadly on many occasions. You can change your odds with the PS3 ultimate personal survival system.