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the personal sea survival system

The PS³ Personal Sea Survival System has been developed by SRG International as a unique combination of a SOLAS life jacket integrated with an auto-inflating single person life raft packaged into an ultra-slim, detachable, lightweight backpack. Weighing only 5.0 Kilos and designed for comfort wear, it provides ensured survival at all times and in all weathers and sea-states.

The Story of the PS3

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Manufacturing Process

The complete ensemble is manufactured and tested against Certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Procedures

A video explaining the workings of the PS3

 The best experience, is a safe experience...

Every trip at sea includes certain risks. All events that are connected with losing your vessel and ending up in the water prove to be at least stressful and in many cases also deadly for the people involved. We make sure that you:

  1. Keep your head out of the water and body floating upon  immersion in the (cold) water. This is done by the SOLAS approved auto-inflating Life-vest.
  2. Provide you straight away with the easy to access sheltering survival capsule. This is the One Person Life-raft, packed on your back in the PS3 and also auto-inflating.
  3. Make sure that the world knows that you are in danger, at Sea and WHERE you exactly are positioned. This is what the optional ‘Sea-link’ Personal Locator Beacon- will do for your. PS3 keeps you floating (lifevest), shelters from the cold (liferaft) and finds you fast (Sealink beacon) at the exact spot where you are. Travel and work with assurance, trust in the PS3 Ultimate Personal Sea Survival System.

when the worst happens,
we're there for you

Sailors around the world

The PS³ Personal Sea Survival System has been developed by SRG


The PS³ Personal Sea Survival System has been developed by SRG


The PS³ Personal Sea Survival System has been developed by SRG