Press Release Sea Rescue Gear

SRG International has introduced the PS³, the game-changer in maritime life-saving equipment. The system incorporates a unique combination of a SOLAS life jacket with an auto-inflating single person life raft. Packaged into an ultra-slim, detachable, lightweight backpack, the PS³ weighs in at less than 5kg. Designed for low maintenance and fully approved to the latest SOLAS regulations, the automatic system is simple to operate with a front zip closure and separate side adjustment. The one-size-fits-all life jacket is comfortable and unrestrictive while the single person raft is simple to board and quickly provides the survivor with thermal protection. With high-visibility colours, SOLAS reflective tape and an automatic light to aid detection, the PS³ is a stable craft, even in extreme conditions. The single-seater raft provides survival for days in (cold) water that would be otherwise deadly within a short time-span. The user is enclosed by a protecting cover, keeping seawater and chill out, in a stable and comfortable position. The pleasant knowledge that rescue is organized (alarmed by the Sea Link Personal Locator Beacon) and is aware of your exact position in the enormous wide sea/ocean, contributes to a healthy mental state of the 'man overboard'. Imagine yourself in just a life-vest, kicking your legs in the dark sea beneath you, not aware if anyone is looking for you. We (PS3) are there to prevent this.