Who are we?

In any maritime disaster some 30% of the survivors end up in the ocean. They never make it to a life boat or a life raft. Sea Rescue Gear International wants to reach out to everyone working in a marine environment and ensure that with the PS³(Personal Sea Survival System) everyone can survive a maritime disaster.

Sea Rescue Gear International (SRGI) was set up by its hands-on board members in 2014. It was formed by the merging of Sea Rescue Gear BV of Rotterdam and Penstone LLC of Texas and was conceived by combining existing, but separate, equipments into a single system. It is now a complete solution to the problems of survival and rescue.

SRGI consists of three board members: Richard Pender, Jack Stone and Johan Stam. With a combined experience of 120 years working on- and offshore they will make sure safety is always the number one priority.

Richard Pender, Founder & Director
“By investing in the PS³ you’re giving something back. The possibility of a person’s life being saved as a result of our PS³ innovation provides an incredible feeling of helping individuals and their families.”

Richard Pender has personally witnessed sinking and drownings in West-Africa. He has over 40 years of experience working in the marine industry. He set up SRGI with Jack and Johan in 2014 believing the way we save lives needs innovation. Richard’s role is capitalizing on personal networks, representing the product in the America’s and continuing to research product improvements. He trusts that the PS³is a total life-saving package: it is not just part of a solution, but is it the entire solution. Richard feels the PS³stands for reliability, ease and is intuitive to the wearer.

Jack Stone, Founder & Director
“We seek to provide a quality company, dedicated to saving lives.”

Jack Stone has witnessed the importance of survival systems first hand. While in the RAF, he ejected from an F4 fighter airplane into the North Sea in winter. A small, single-seat raft was part of his survival equipment. It allowed him to get out of the cold water into relatively warm protection until he was rescued hours later. He realised that if he had been in the water with just a life vest, he would not be here to tell the tale. For him the PS³is a complete solution: a combination of survival, protection and rescue.
Within SRGI Jack embodies the deep understanding of the environment in which SRGI operates. He stands for reducing risk, limits unnecessary losses and saving lives. This is indispensable for anyone working in a marine environment.

Johan Stam, Director & CMO
“Safety is in everyone’s interest. We need to be able to reach everyone.”

Johan Stam has been involved in marine, dredging and hydrography operations for a little less than half a decade. He has set up a wide network all over the world. As a member of societies such as Hydro and OTC he stays in touch with the industry. Johan is the spokesperson of SRGI who you will come across at numerous exhibitions and conferences.
He has experience working in the marine industry and knows how well documented the safety procedures are. All these procedures have been taken into account when making this product. After three years of testing he is proud to bring this product onto the market. The marine industry is the main drive, however aviation, inland shipping and recreation markets are SRGI’s new markets to penetrate with their products.

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