Solo Survival Pack

The next generation

Due to the increasing demand for a lighter and more compact Emergency Escape Pack, we are proud to deliver the smallest, most lightweight solution on the market today – the SOLO Survival Pack.

The valise is manufactured from a fire retardant, Highly Visible and gloss lacquered Polyester fabric. This fabric is resistance tested to temperatures exceeding -30 ºC/+70 ºC. This tough yet durable material protects the life raft during both transportation and storage.

Ultra compact design packed in a stowage valise with quick grab ‘n’ go single handle, which allows quick and easy access to the pack when time is precious. The operating lanyard is neatly stowed on the side of the valise where it is securely fastened to avoid inadvertent operation and the reflective strip along the length of the lanyard provides an aid to easier location in diminishing light. The operating lanyard and snap hook also acts as a tethering line which ensures that the life raft once inflated, cannot be accidentally separated from the survivor.

The life raft and contents
The single person life raft is designed and manufactured entirely in the UK under the latest ISO 9001 approvals. Its proven design comprises of a gas inflated buoyancy chamber manufactured from lightweight durable fabrics, single layer canopy fitted with a splash guard. The advanced Dipped Floor seating lowers the centre of gravity resulting in enhanced in-water stability. The liferaft is inflated using a disposable CO² cylinder which provides low cost maintenance due to it not requiring testing and refilling.

Survival aids
Standard survival equipment fitted to the life raft consists of anti-sea sickness tablets, sponge, baler and a sea drogue.

The standard survival aid kits include a heliograph, lightstick, lanyard and 1 water sachet.

A Day and Night Flare can be added on request, but please be aware that this will alter the Dangerous Goods Classification for shipping purposes.