The Personal Sea Survival System

The PS³ Personal Sea Survival System has been developed by SRG International as a unique combination of a SOLAS life jacket integrated with an auto-inflating single person life raft packaged into an ultra-slim, detachable, lightweight backpack. Weighing only 5.0 Kilos and designed for comfort wear, it provides ensured survival at all times and in all weathers and sea-states.


The automatic inflation lifejacket is designed for simplicity of wear and operation, with a front zip closure and separate side adjustment. It is designed for adult use with one- size- fits -all and a low profile style cover. It remains comfortable and unrestrictive when used as a constant wear lifejacket. The inflatable bladder is manufactured from tough ISO12402-7 approved PU coated nylon using high visibility yellow textile. The outer cover is available in wipe-clean PVC in high visibility yellow with optional Ships Wheel marked SOLAS approved retro-reflective stitching & tape applied for extra visibility in low light conditions. Alternative colours for the outer cover are available.

The entire ensemble is of a low maintenance design and is fully approved to the latest 2010 SOLAS regulations.

For private, non-commercial customers, we also offer the option of a PS³ with a USCG approved vest. This option avoids the SOLAS maintenance compliance requirements.

Manufacturing Process

The complete ensemble is manufactured and tested against Certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Procedures

Life Jacket
Fully tested and approved to latest 2010 SOLAS regulations

Universal adult – one size fits all up to chest size of 140cm with optional belt extender to 175cm

Packed Weight

Automatically via ISO 12402-7 approved water activated inflation mechanisms
Manually via ISO 12402-7 approved inflation mechanisms
Orally through ISO 12402-7 approved tubes and valves

Minimum buoyancy of 300N (when fully inflated)

Lifting Becket

Contrasting coloured lifting becket approved to ISO 12402-7

Emergency Whistle
High visibility floating whistle approved to ISO 12402-8

Emergency Light

Automatically operating, water activated, SOLAS approved

Buddy Line
Floating buddy line for attachment to other life jackets/rafts during emergency situations

Locator Beacon/AIS

ISO12402-7 approved high tenacity PU coated nylon,complete with an integral emergency light attachment point.

Welded Seams
6mm RF weld seam from a minimum 30Kw Generator Source. Having a minimum peel strength of 550N/50mm.

Reflective Tape
Ships Wheel marked SOLAS approved reflective tapes.

Adhesives are NOT utilised – therefore no “age curing problems”

Wipe-clean PVC. Various colors available.

Bespoke single color printing and/or multi coloured heat transfer logo.
Ships Wheel marked SOLAS approved retro reflective tape

600gsm fire resistant reinforced PVC

Single Seat Liferaft
Main Design Features
Dipped seat in flooring which lowers the centre of gravity resulting in enhanced in-water stability
Rear lumbar support
Contrasting coloured Side & Rear Grab handles for ease of boarding.
Velcro Tie Tape stowage of canopy for ease of access during boarding
Integrated Buddy Line/Umbilical attachment point

Automatically via ISO 12402-7 approved water activated inflation mechanisms using 215g of CO2 from a disposable cylinder
Manually via ISO 12402-7 approved inflation mechanisms
Orally through ISO 12402-7 approved tubes and valves

Design Details
Universal Stowage/PLB Pocket slung from Oral Tube
2 x Self filling water pockets providing additional stability
Tie in points at dipped front area for securement of optional survival pack
Tie in points at rear & mid of floor for securement of optional inflatable seat cushion (for use in polar regions)
Sea Drogue attachment at rear of buoyancy tubing
High visibility lightweight ripstop canopy
Simple, central velcro canopy closure
Vented transparent visor with wide field of vision – helps to minimize sea sickness
Light attachment point at top of canopy
SOLAS reflective tapes fitted to aid location
Abrasion resistant coated nylon buoyancy tube–available in black/ fluorescent yellow
Manufactured using proven ISO 12402-7 approved materials & componentry

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