Micro Stretcher

Designed specifically to aid rapid, horizontal/vertical casualty retrieval, the Micro Stretcher collapses into six sections, enabling it to be carried in its compact protective cover. It is ideal for storing in land, marine or aviation vehicles as well as being part of a backpack configuration for ground personnel.

This compact and lightweight system can be removed from its cover and erected into a full length (1.8m/6ft) stretcher in seconds.

Its construction comprises carbon fiber rods and strengthening inserts encased in a hardwearing mesh netting frame. These materials contribute to the remarkable strength and unrivalled lightweight characteristics of the Micro Stretcher.

Designed with 4 carrying handles, 4 casualty restraining straps, an overbody/crotch strap and a foam head pad to ensure the system offers both patient and rescuers optimum security and ease of handling throughout the retrieval process. An additional (detachable) strap for 6-man carrying if required is included.

An additional lifting strap assembly is available to facilitate lifting the stretcher and casualty by mechanical means, including heli-lift.

The Micro Stretcher is available in military spec green, sand, standard emergency orange and black to suit all market requirements.