Cold Facts

After immersion in water, which is colder than our body temperature, we have to work very hard to maintain our minimum body temperature to survive. In water below 25 degrees C, our body cannot survive very long. If our body core temperature drops below 32 degrees C, we die. The colder the water, the faster this process goes, where it is critically dangerous in most open waters with temperatures below 20 degrees C, where survival in the North Sea or Atlantic can be shorter than 30 minutes in winter time, for a healthy and trained person. The PS3 cures this problem for ever, inside the personal life raft you wil be able to survive for days in very cold water. This promotes your chance to be located and rescued, before it is to late…

Give yourself a chance to survive the (cold) water

Using the PS3 you have 3 life saving support systems, making sure you have the best possible chance to survive a man overboard situation:

  1. A SOLAS certified auto-inflating life-vest
  2. A unique personal life raft, offering complete enclosed cover from wind, cold water and Sea Life
  3. A Personal Locator Beacon, signaling your personal emergency signal to global coastguards. Your locator beacon gives your exact location by special radio and satellite signals

With the PS3 you will survive the cold and harsh environment, confident that your situation and location are known to the search and rescue authorities